Tuesday, December 6, 2016

In Search of the Lost Pun

Yesterday, BUSH'S® Beans and Minor League Baseball® announced "a multi-year, strategic partnership, making [BUSH'S] the 'Official Beans of Minor League Baseball,' and a 'Preferred Partner' of a number of MiLB teams, beginning in 2017."

"The new partnership will activate across a range of touch-points, including in-ballpark celebrations such as during National Baked Bean Month in July and the integration of a variety of BUSH'S Beans products in teams' concessions," according to the press release.

I don't know what a touch-point is but that's nice. I tend to buy the BUSH'S brand myself, and not just in July. But didn't somebody miss an obvious pun?

As a noun, the definition of "bush league" is, "a minor league of a professional sport, especially baseball." (Emphasis added.) As I read the official statement, I kept waiting for something like, "Minor League Baseball, sometimes called the bush leagues, are now BUSH'S leagues."

Or was everybody afraid of "bush league" as an adjective, "not of the highest quality or sophistication; second-rate." After all, look at the logo for Bush Brother's & Company, as it is known more formally. It's got "BEST" right there in the trademark.

And MiLB has long wanted fans to think of its product as almost like the big leagues. Less expensive, sure, but maybe more fun—certainly not lacking in quality and sophistication!

So, okay, I get it. There wasn't a lost pun; wordsmiths purposefully hid it behind the laundry hamper. Which is why I wrote a post, bringing it out into the living room with a shout, "Hey! Look what I found on the floor in the bathroom!"

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