Monday, July 29, 2013

Someone, Somewhere

I was on the road again for my birthday, although not with Melvin this year. By email I received the following photograph by my friend Heather.

What a wonderful birthday greeting for a baseball fan. And, being perverse, I love it all the more because the text on the state historic marker is untrue.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Following our recent thoughts on baseball and trains, I should note that I very recently had the occasion to observe the Joliet Slammers stadium from inside an Amtrak car. The Slammers aren't affiliated, but hey, going there by train probably beats driving. More provocative still, if you take the commuter rail, corruption and all, the same line stops by the White Sox stadium. I smell a doubleheader some day. Whoo-whoo!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Washed Out (but Nicely Framed)

An all-too-common sight on our recent trip (Evansille, Ind.)
We had a densely packed, wet trip to Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana with Rob and Norton. We'd planned for games in Louisville, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, and Evansville. To make a soggy story short, we didn't see all of them. Herewith some brief photographic highlights:

Sure, it's just a LEGO Brand model, but the quality of play can't be any worse than in real thing, can it? (Louisville Slugger Museum, Louisville, Kentucky)
But who? Who? (Hartman Rock Garden, Springfield, Ohio)
Lightning Field x Monsanto = Concrete Corn Weenie, really, really (Dublin, Ohio)
Sky Giraffe wonders if anyone is out there (Traders World, Lebanon, Ohio)
Corn x UFO = If you build it, they will come... and probe you. Sky Giraffe, beware of what you wish for (Carlisle, Ohio)

Resistance is useless, unless it is within a very old TV, in which case the damn thing won't work without it
(Early Television Museum, Hilliard, Ohio)

Batters up! (Evansville, Indiana, before the rain came)