Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Notes from All Over

As the Associated Press began declaring which presidential candidate had won each state, as the wind began to shift and then blow harder, as I started worrying that Trump might actually win the election, my inbox began to blow up.

It wasn't what I thought at first. It was each major league team announcing its players who won a Gold Glove for defensive excellence. Hey! Great timing folks!

I think the Pirates' announcement is particularly handsome.

In Arlington, Texas, voters approved a ballot proposition to pay for half of the $1 billion it is estimated that it will cost to construct a new stadium, with a retractable roof, for the Texas Rangers. The Dallas Morning News reported that the proposition passed in a "landside."

Dare I say it? Like many new stadiums, it takes a village.

As for the presidential election, Melvin, Watson and I are stunned, but we are college-educated, urban, whites. May god help us all.

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