Monday, July 24, 2017

The 2017 Trans-Appalachian Evidentiary Expedition

We cut a less destructive swath through Appalachia.

In contrast with my periodic and emotional responses to the dissatisfaction of blogging, Melvin wrote a comprehensive and well reasoned analysis earlier this year. I don't do Melvin's exploration justice, not even to this individual point, but he included the observation:
"On the basic level, independent of any possible larger issues, I think the blog can serve a useful recording function: here are some of the places we went, in the order we went to them, with some pictures. ...having all the trip-related experiences at least alluded to in a common place has an evidentiary value...."
In the spirit of that statement, and despite my resolution earlier this year, the following records with a minimum of narrative our recent trip south through the Mid-Atlantic states and the return through Appalachia.