Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wilbur and Orville

Two wrongs don't make a right but:

(a) two Wrights can build the world's first successful airplane.
(b) two rights can set up the left hook.
(c) three rights are the equivalent of a left.
(d) I have made it my life work to find out how many it will take.

Anyhow, Melvin and I went to Citi Field last night, where we sat behind these guys and watched the Dodgers beat the Mets, 9-4.

Despite being a long-time resident of New York City and a not infrequent visitor since, this was Melvin's first visit to the stadium. We began with a tour of various entrances to the ballpark before deciding the Hodges entrance was the path of least resistance.

We then walked the main concourse before heading up to our seats on the 300-level.  I have been to Citi Field a dozen or so times and am still discovering things. This was the first time I saw the scoreboard video control center, tucked into the Caesars Club, a place I tend to avoid.  Why go to the ballpark to watch the game in a bar?

Two Boots, the New York Italo-Cajun pizza chain, opened concessions at the stadium two years ago but I hadn't noticed, so that was new to me too. It was also our dinner.

A long game, 4:08, but as broadcaster Bob Murphy used to say, "a beautiful night for baseball;" 74 degrees with a mild breeze. The length of the game can be attributed in part to 12 pitchers and 26 hits. There was also a delay when Bobby Abreu came in to play right field as a defensive substitution in the top of the eighth.

It took some time for everyone to figure out where they were playing and what glove to wear. Starting right fielder Curtis Granderson slid over to center and Chris Young went to left. Eric Young, Jr. moved from the outfield to second base, sending Daniel Murphy to first. Starting first baseman Lucas Duda was the guy without a chair when the music stopped. I don't remember ever seeing something like that in a major league game.

Both teams left a lot of runners on base. The Mets twice failed to score with the bases loaded. Granderson and Duda both hit home runs, activating the "Mets 2 Home Run Challenge from Duane Reade." One of this month's offers is a dollar off Amish Secret.

"What's Amish Secret?," I asked.

"Sometimes they plug things in," Melvin replied. Good times.

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