Thursday, May 17, 2012

Once in a Blue Luna

José Contreras (who is 40 in Cuban years) brings it for the Phils
Another trip to Wrigley, another excruciating performance by the Cubs bullpen. But I can say that I was there. I was a witness. I saw the unbelievable. Yes, Hector Luna hit a pinch-hit grand slam.

So what, you say, Hector Luna has hit 13 home runs in his nine-year career. So what, you say, that's what pinch hitters are for. So what, you say, the Cubs bullpen is so bad that it's lucky it didn't somehow give up a five-run home run. All true. But watching a futility infielder hit the second pitch he had seen all year—the second pitch he had seen since 2010—over the ivy (giving him as many RBIs with that one swing as he had had in the last four seasons combined), to give the win to the indefatigable middle reliever José Contreras, makes an aging fan believe that anything is possible.

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