Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mr. Mayor and Mr. Met

As a New Yorker, and as a Mets fan, I could not help but smile at this picture, taken at the press announcement that the 2013 all-star game will be held at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets.

Photo Credit: Spencer T Tucker

I have always found Mr. Met to be one of the stranger mascots in baseball; hydrocephalic, with an idiot's grin.  Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg can be playful and has a wicked sense of humor but here he wears the expression of someone amused by the surreal things he has to do as an elected official.

Tucked away somewhere I have a picture of myself with the Mayor (capitalized per the official style manual) and we look tight.  I cannot speak for him but I had only drank a single glass of wine.  We talked a little Red Sox baseball and his knowledge was up-to-date.

The attendees at that Gracie Mansion event were later asked if we thought construction of a stadium for the Jets on the west side of Manhattan was a mistake.  A good many of us raised our hands, myself included.  Most of my objection was to the public financing.  We have never been invited back.

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