Monday, January 23, 2017

Dippin' Don'ts

Excuse me, maestro, at this point I have to interrupt... While this is hardly a political or news-driven blog, I feel obliged to weigh in on today's kerfuffle over Dippin' Dots, ballpark institution and onetime Ice Cream of the Future.

It transpires that new White House Press Secretary Julius Streicher Sean Spicer has had it in for the quasi-scientific quasi-dairy product for some years, calling it, among other terribly clever monikers, "The Ice Cream of the Past." This clash could have been avoided altogether had Spicer (or, indeed, anyone) heeded our observation from nearly three years ago—namely, that Dippin' Dots is no longer from the future not because it's antiquated but because we now live in the future.

Which anyone who has seen Idiocracy could have already told you.

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