Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Who's on Third?

Steve Clevenger was so uncomfortable at third base that he hid behind this pole. (Starlin Castro, at right, is trying to help him chill out by ignoring both him and the pole.)
Catcher Steve Clevenger, that's who!

Some pinch-hitting shenanigans by Cubs manager Dale Sveum in this evening's Marlins bloodbath led to the not too common spectacle of two catchers playing the field at the same time. Clevenger had pinch-hit for Jairo Asencio in the bottom of the eighth and apparently, rather than risk the chance of having no backup for Soto available, Sveum decided to find a place for him in the field—sort of a variant on the old pitcher-in-the-outfield ploy. Hence, Clevenger's debut at third. Luckily, no balls were hit or thrown his way, and no one got hurt—which is about the most that can be said about what the Cubs accomplished tonight.

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