Monday, June 18, 2012


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Roger Clemens doesn't deserve one.

The New York Times headline says it all, simply, concisely; "Clemens Is Found Not Guilty in Perjury Trial."  How do you explain it?  "It's fucking bullshit," wrote Red in an exchange of text messages after the verdict was announced in the press.

I think most baseball fans believe Roger Clemens used performance enhancing drugs during his 23-season career.  The court of public opinion has a lower standard of proof than the federal courts, but that doesn't mean the public is indiscriminate.  They are fairly certain he is dirty and less concerned about whether or not he committed a crime.

Most baseball fans believe Brian McNamee, Clemens former trainer and principal accuser.  His motivations, and Clemens' too for that matter, are easy for people to imagine.  The government's case wasn't helped any by Andy Petitte, who had stated in the past that his teammate admitted to using human growth hormone.  Petitte back-pedaled on the witness stand, saying he was only 50 percent sure of his recollection.

Acquitted of all criminal charges, Clemens next faces a jury when the members of the Baseball Writers Association of America cast their 2013 ballots for entry into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  A seven time Cy Young Award winner with two World Series rings, Clemens compiled a 354-184 record and a 3.12 ERA over 23 seasons.  Those stats should get a pitcher elected to the Hall on the first ballot. 

Is there going to be an "over-under" on how many votes Clemens will get next year?

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