Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Three Days in L.A.

Beginning in 2007, Melvin and I have generally included a spring baseball road trip to the south in our schedule. What started as avoiding uncomfortably hot weather took a turn with our April 2010 trip to the Gulf States.  While Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana would unquestionably get quite hot later in the baseball season, we constructed our itinerary around an annual conference being held in New Orleans.

The convention determined our destination again last year, but we ended up some place that is cold in April.  Melvin has worked the industry get-together all three years.  I attended the convention in New Orleans but did not last year, although I stayed in the conference hotel.  This year I came to the host city while the conference was going on but spent the weekend on my own (above).

Three days in Los Angeles was for me three days of art and architecture and those unusual destinations that Melvin and I enjoy so much.  Here’s some of each:

Boy with Frog by Charles Ray (2009), at the Getty Museum

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House (1919-1921)

Stereo x-ray, at the Museum of Jurrasic Technology

Wall text at the (verbally, not chronologically) last destination states:
“…there are those who see a thing, and also those who do not see it — those who do see it, cannot see it unless it is there and those who cannot see it do not see it at all."
— The Lord President Torbanehill
of the English court (sic) case, 1853
Based on what I have to say, I guess I do not see.  Perhaps it will come into focus later.  That's not smog, by the way, that is "the marine layer."

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