Sunday, June 19, 2011

Big Post

I don't have a lot to say about the finale of the Cubs / Yankees game that you can't pick up from the standard media reports. But Watson and I did see a lot more of this post than we did of either team's infielders. Isn't it handsome?

As you will have read elsewhere, former Cub Joe Girardi was politely cheered, Russell Martin got clonked in the head by an Aramis Ramirez backswing, a fight broke out behind the Cubs dugout, and there was a need for those vomit-covering pink granules on the concourse. That last bit probably didn't make the news, but it was probably something you could have intuited anyway. Also, A-Rod is still essentially a jerk.

The game—and the series for that matter—was a lot closer than I think many people expected. The Cubs hit CC Sabathia well in the early going and led going into the sixth. But youth, inexperience, and lackadaisical defense will lose out to a three-run homer from Nick Swisher in the eighth every time.

Still, the Yankees looked less than imposing—they won this one far more on the overexcited defense of Starlin Castro and the rawness of reliever Chris Carpenter than they did on their own merits. I called them for a third-place finish this year and see no reason to change that yet.

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