Monday, July 20, 2009

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

For the past seven years, Melvin and I have taken a more or less annual baseball road trip—which has evolved into something that actually isn’t all about baseball. The 2002 trip, with our wives, took us to Montreal for what we wrongly thought would be the final season of the Expos. Mel and his wife traveled alone the next year to six Midwestern ball parks and the three of us saw six games in Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma in 2004. Melvin and his wife dropped out of the 2005 trip, built around the inaugural season of the Nationals, when there was a death in his family prior to our departure. It was just the two of us, now both divorced (one amiably, one not), on a short trip in 2006 to Pawtucket, Boston, and Portland. By hitting two cities in one day twice, the 2007 tour got in 14 games in 12 days, from the District of Columbia to Birmingham and back. Last year we saw the seven teams in affiliated baseball in Texas. The 2009 road trip will have us driving from Portland, Oregon, to Chicago, and as an added experiment, blogging about the trip. There are two off-days scheduled, but the itinerary is major and minor league baseball almost every day, with various sights and diversions along the way.

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