Monday, August 1, 2016


The first of four games between the Mets and the Yankees will be played tonight, two in Flushing and Wednesday and Thursday in the Bronx. Today also marks this year's trade deadline, with the Yankees sellers for the first time since 1992 and the Mets bolstering its line-up. This adds an interesting twist to the annual crosstown interleague games.

In recognition of this week's home-and-home series, I offer this photograph taken by Kevin on the subway in May.

"WTF is this abortion???," he texted along with the image.

"He's ecumenical," I replied.

"He's [no longer acceptable term for the developmentally disabled]," Kevin wrote immaturely. He's like that. Drops a lot of f-bombs too. He'll out-grow it, I think.

I saw a similar hat last week that was split down the middle; half Yankees logo on the wearer's right, half Mets logo on the left. But, less emphatically as Kevin, what DO these hats convey?

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