Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Too Hot for Anything

By the third day of the trip, the third day of temperatures in excess of 100°, we had grown tired of fighting it.  We stayed in our air-conditioned motel in Bowling Green until check-out time, then drove to The Loveless Café, about 15 miles southwest of downtown Nashville.

After lunch, we again hid-out in our air-conditioned hotel, coming out only for a game between the Iowa Cubs and the Nashville Sounds.

The Loveless Café seemed to me to be like certain celebrities who, no matter their talents in the past, are famous now only for being famous.  Numerous celebrities have dined at the restaurant, which also has a performance space in a separate building.  Head-shots adorn the lobby and faux folk art paintings in the dining rooms celebrate others.

We thought, however, the food was merely good, especially in comparison with our dinner the night before at Moonlite Bar-B-Q.  Most people disagree (yelp, urbanspoon, roadfood).

It was Faith Night at Hershel Greer Stadium and the aptly named Frankie De La Cruz took the mound for the visiting Iowa Cubs.  He appeared to labor in the heat and left after 4.1 innings, having allowed nine runs, seven of them earned.  De La Cruz took the loss.

By the end of the fifth, the Sounds had scored all of its 13 runs.  Conversely, the Cubs rallied in the second half of the game, only to come up one run short.  Perhaps, as some sports fans will somew times claim, god was on Nashville's side.
Box Score

Update (July 6, 2012):  How could I have forgotten?  We saw the strangest between-innings, fan-participation entertainment.  Three young women were selected to race each other on all fours while wearing, respectively, masks of a donkey, a dog and a pig.  Was this dreamt up by a misogynist?  "You're done, pig," spit out the announcer as the third place contestant struggled to finish line.

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