Friday, October 7, 2011

Joaquin Benoit Halloween Costume

Halloween occurs at the end of October, much of which I spend watching post-season baseball.  That still does not really explain why every year I see some baseball player and decide dressing up as him for Halloween would be fun.

Photograph by Al_HikesAZ used
through Creative Commons license
Last year it was Giant pitcher Brian Wilson, who manages to make a real beard look fake.  Fear the weird!  It's early yet but after last night's decisive (and oh-so-enjoyable) ALDS Game 5 between the Tigers and the Yankees, I have been thinking about a Joaquin Benoit Halloween costume.  You can too!

Purchase an orange-on-navy (not white-on-navy) Detroit Tigers cap.

Remove the sterile backing from an extra-large adhesive bandage and attach it to your left jaw-line.

Using spirit gum, attach a scouring pad to your chin.  (If possible, avoid pads impregnated with soap, such as Brillo.  Be sure to purchase spirit gum remover at the same time that you buy the prosthetic adhesive.)

If your friends are not baseball fans, you may need to purchase a Benoit road jersey.  This should be avoided if possible, as a matter of economy and subtlety.

There you have it: your Joaquin Benoit Halloween costume.

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