Thursday, September 22, 2016

Compare and Contrast

Suicide Girls and Atlas Obscura

Today marks the one-year anniversary of my post, "Suicide Girls Sept 22". Melvin and I also recently created a user profile on Atlas Obscura and with a bit of effort, elbowed our way to the top of the list of "Members who have marked Been Here the most in the past 30 days."

The traffic generated could not be more dissimilar.

The analytics for this blog provide two different tallies for my post last September. (Isn't there just one counter?) The higher number is 2,768, or 230 page views per month.

"suicide girls" (and all manner of misspellings including a favorite, "suicide grins") have been recorded as search words continuously for the past year. Image searches show up frequently as referring URLs.

And to find what? A fairly chaste (by contemporary standards) photograph—

—and a couple of paragraphs on Suicide Girls for those who are unfamiliar with the website and its affiliated burlesque shows. There isn't anything salacious in the post.

I wonder how many of the people who found their way there went on to read about the Grand Junction Rockies game we saw and dinner later, the Wyoming Frontier Prison, the Heart Mountain internment camp, the Billings Mustangs and downtown Billings, the Berkeley Pit, and a Brewers' game and supper in Helena, to list perhaps half of the topics in the post.

I didn't mention Suicide Girls to generate hits. Sure, I enjoyed being a bit naughty but it was never my goal to be manipulative. Even without trying, however, sex sells. Geography, not so much.

Melvin and I originally joined Atlas Obscura simply to record what we had been saying to each other: 'We have been there;' 'And we've been there too.'

Shouldn't it be The Weathermen Explosion Townhouse? In either case, checking off that Melvin and I have been there put us on top of the Places Visited list shown at top.

Once we made it on to the leader board, I took the user profile seriously, including a link back to Baseball Byways. This time, I was trying to attract readers. A couple weeks later, a grand total of two people have clicked through from Atlas Obscura. (It might have been just one person, visiting twice.)

I was amused at first as the page views of "Suicide Girls Sept 22" added up. Later, the count seemed like empty calories. It's not enough to be loved; everyone wants to be loved by people they respect. As we have registered on Atlas Obscura, Melvin and I have made our way to numerous unique places. Perhaps in time, kindred spirits will make their way here.

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