Saturday, March 28, 2015


Today is the birthday of the woman referred herein as "gal-pal Sarah." She figured prominently in a couple posts last year. Before heading off to someone else's birthday dinner, I thought I would mention that readers probably won't find other references to Sarah in the future—she picked a fight during Game 7 of the 2015 World Series and broke up with me eight days later.

The San Francisco Giants beat the Kansas City Royals, becoming the baseball world champions for the third time in five years. During the middle innings of that fateful final game of the season, Sarah brought up a topic that had been discussed at length and, not only resolved weeks before, but resolved as she desired.

The incident made me think of Dr. Eric Berne and his best-selling 1964 book, Games People Play. In particular, I recalled the game Berne titled, "Now I've Got You, You Son of a Bitch." Re-reading the roles played in this "transaction", I saw that Sarah and I had not conformed exactly to the dynamic Berne identified, but close enough.

Like many disagreements that are apropos of nothing, I suspect the argument was really about something else. I could venture a guess what that was, offer my opinion whether that seems "fair" to me or not, then proceed from there in several directions. Trust me, I could go long-form on this topic.

I arrived at the realization—five months after conceiving of the post, "How I Lost Game 7 of the 2015 World Series"—that the less said, the better. Sarah figured prominently in a couple posts, as I said, and it didn't seem fitting to just never mention her again. I worked for several years as an auditor, pretrial discovery for a specialized law firm, and I like to leave a paper trail, now an anachronistic term.

Update: Consistent with the statement, "the less said, the better," I have deleted the rest of the original post, three additional paragraphs and a couple photographs.

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