Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rain Delay, Take Two

I had it all figured out. I bought excellent seats to see the Mets play competitive teams; the Phillies on May 27, the Tigers on June 22 (and the Reds on July 7). Good seats, good teams, and I hoped three interesting posts between Melvin's and my April and July road trips. However, the plan didn't go according to, and I ended up watching the Phillies and Tigers games on television in a bar.

I missed a couple of great games, although both were delayed by rain. The Mets shut out Philadelphia as they did the two previous nights. It was the first series shut-out since Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman and Nolan Ryan did so for the Miracle Mets of 1969. (A mosaic of Seaver adorns one of the three VIP entrances to Citi Field.) The team picked up three full games against the first place Phils and since they took two out of three in the previous series against the Yankees, went 5-1 against the 2009 league champions.

The Mets scored 14 runs in the game against the Tigers, their highest offensive output in two years. The top of the line-up--SS Jose Reyes, CF Angel Pagan, 3B David Wright, 1B Ike Davis and LF Jason Bay--went a combined 14 for 23 (.609), collecting 12 of the RBI. The Mets would go on to win the series, losing no ground to the Braves, who had replaced the Phillies at the top of the National League East.

The Mets held up their end of my beautiful plan, playing two games I could blog about enthusiastically. Melvin and I have each reported on games we were present for but didn't watch closely. Neither of us have written yet about games we didn't see in person. On top of my disappointment in missing two exciting games was my unrequited desire to write about them.

I crafted (and posted for a day) "'Rain Delay,' a script proposal." Written in an abstracted third-person as a film treatment, it told the story of a Middle-Aged Man (your narrator), His Much Younger Male Friend, His Much Younger Female Friend, The Mets and The Weather; the principal characters who played their parts in the two rain-delayed games I missed. "Byways" usually refers to the geography Melvin and I travel on the way to games, but there are emotional byways as well. Cue Beth Orton; "I wish I never saw the sunshine, and if I never saw the sunshine baby, then maybe, I wouldn't mind the rain."

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